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General Rules

Proper  swim suits are required for both girls and boys

Swim Caps are optional

REACH accepts all children and is willing to work with those children with behavior issues however, proper protocol must be followed before registering a child with behavior issues.

-if your child is prone to agrresive behavior it is very important to contact REACH prior to registering for group classes so that a proper evaluiton will be conducted prior to registering.

-studentrs who exhibt aggressive behavior towards REACH staff or other children in group clases  will be given the opportunity to transfer to private lessons (if possible) at an additonal fee . if private lessons are not available, a refund for the remainder of the lesons will be given

ABSOLUTELY NO foul language or disrespect to any REACH staff or other REACH parents 

Aggressive behavior is not allowed from children 

-if a child exhibits this behavior to REACH staff or other children then will be cancelled from our the    program they are in and a refund will be issued for the remaining lessons left paid for

Parent and/or caregiver are required to stay in close proximity to classes during the child’s lesson. 

No child should be left unattended; all children are the responsibility of the parent or caregiver before the class has begun and immediately after their class is over.

REACH staff is not responsible for escorting children to locker rooms and / or bathrooms

ONLY Parents and those caregivers of the children registered for programs are allowed in building

All students and families of students must comply with all facility &  pool rules which include but are not limited to

NO running in hallways or on pool deck

NO eating in hallways or on pool deck 

NO disruptive use of cell phones on pool deck or hallways; please keep noise to a minimum

Use of appropriate locker rooms before, during, and after lessons.  



1. Full payment for all lessons is required upon booking class

2. Class space will not be held or saved without full payment 



1.  We will try to accommodate 1 (one) missed private lesson per seaosn with a make-up lesson, Any missed lesson after the first lesson will NOT be made up, credited, or refunded NO EXCEPTIONS

2. Lesson times can not be changed nor is switching days and times allowed once season has begun

3. If classes have to be cancelled due to a pool closures, facility closure,  or inclement weather, you will be notified via text, phone, or email and a make up day for the missed lesson will be arranged. In the event of REACH not being able to make the class up, a credit will be issued to your account for the amount paid for the missed lesson



 $100 cancellateion fee for private lessons regardless of when cancellation is made: NO EXCEPTIONS

NO refund will be issued for classes cancelled day of first class-21 days before season begins

If a student has to suspend lessons due to a medical emergency, a credit will be issued to the student’s account with proper doctors note and documentation.

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