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Summer Private Lessons Begin Sunday July 9th & Saturday July 15th
for class times and details see below 

General Rules

-Parents are responsible for their children before and after class. -REACH staff are not responsible for escorting children to bathrooms -No eating or drinking (except water) in bleacher area -Parents / caretakers are not allowed on pool deck -Aggressive behavior towards REACH staff or other children in classes will not be tolerated -Use of foul language or disrespect to any REACH staff or other REACH parents will not be tolerated either from students or parents.

Payment & Refund Policy

-Full payment is required upon registering for classes -Only credit card payments are accepted -We do not accept payments plans or deposits for classes -We offer 1 (one) make-up per season for private lessons--all other missed lessons after 1st missed will not be made-up, credited, or refunded -If a child is unable to attend the class registered for-they can not change time-no exceptions -$100 cancellation fee will be imposed to ALL cancelled group lessons -NO refund will be issued for classes cancelled day 14 days or less before season begins -If a student has to suspend lessons due to a medical emergency, a credit will be issued to the student’s account with proper doctors note and documentation.

OPWDD / Self Direct

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REACH is an approved OPWDD / Self Direct program however, we do not accept payment direclty from OPWDD or Self Direct progams. Once parents pay for the classes in full, we will issue a detailed invoice receipt to parents for them to submit to their agency for reimbursment.

At REACH Swim Academy, we believe in the power of private swim lessons. We understand the importance of teaching kids one-on-one in order to maximize the impact of the lesson. Our team of experienced swim instructors are passionate about providing quality swim instruction that will help your child gain confidence in the water.


Our swim classes are tailored to each individual's needs, ensuring that every student is on the path to becoming a confident and competent swimmer. Join us today and help your child reach their swimming goals.


ages 4-17 

1 student / 1 instructor 



# of lessons: 7

Dates:  July 15th thru August 26th

Fee: $1050 per child 


# of lessons: 8

Dates:  July 9th thru August 27th

Fee: $1200 per child 

to view class times and to register, click box below

text or call: 917-376-8543 / email:

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