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-Parents are responsible for their children before and after class.

-REACH staff are not responsible for escorting children to  bathrooms

-No eating or drinking (except water) in bleacher area

-Parents / caretakers are not allowed on pool deck

-Aggressive behavior towards REACH staff or other children in classes will not be tolerated

-Use of  foul language or disrespect to any REACH staff or other REACH parents will not be tolerated either from students or parents. 


-Full payment is required upon registering for classes

-Only credit card payments are accepted 

-We do not accept payments plans or deposits for classes 

-We do not offer make-ups, refunds, or credits for any missed group lessons, nor can a child attend a different class if unable to attend the class registered for-no exceptions 

-$50 cancellation fee will be imposed to ALL cancelled group lessons 

-NO refund will be issued for classes cancelled day 14 days or less before season begins 

-If a student has to suspend lessons due to a medical emergency, a credit will be issued to the student’s account with proper doctors note and documentation.


REACH is an approved OPWDD / Self Direct program however, we do not accept payment direclty from OPWDD or Self Direct progams.  Once parents pay for the classes in full, we will issue a detailed invoice receipt to parents for them to submit to their agency for reimbursment.  

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